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Professional Proficiency and Ability Since 1951

The Law Firm Bufete Ramos Messina has been providing legal services for almost five decades. Ever since it was first established in l95l legal counseling and assistance has been given to a large number of domestic and international clients in practically all areas, the firm having thus gained a solid reputation both as to professional proficiency and a transparent and ethically oriented practice of the law. 

Why we are different?

Use of modern technologies

For over twenty years resort has been made to modern technological and computerized equipment in the practice of law. State of the art telecommunications are also a part of the daily work environment thanks to our world-wide Secure Phone and Secure E-Mail connections.

Observance of Rules of Ethics and Confidentiality

Respect for confidentiality is a basic rule in our professional practice. You can rest assured that our legal staff shall respect and abide by said rules and principles in full awareness of the important and delicate mission they have been entrusted with.

Professional Proficiency and Ability

The attorneys at Ramos Messina have outstanding academic records and acknowledged professional proficiency -- both of which are essential factors in rendering legal services.

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